What We Do

What We Do

Bringing CARE

We at JAA have put tremendous thought into the major areas of need in the pediatric rheumatology community and have designed our mission to specifically target these areas. We have seen the isolation that children and families feel living with these diseases, the lack of public consciousness, the lack of funding for doctors and research, and the overall toll that these issues take on people. In response, JAA has distilled its mission into four essential components:


Together, these four components form the acronym CARE, and we can’t imagine a better word to describe what we do.

This is how we plan to put CARE into action:



JAA intends to build this website into a powerful interactive tool to connect families from across the U.S. and weave together a broad national community of parents, children, siblings, young adults, doctors, health professionals, and community supporters. The website will include:

JAA’s website features regular guest blog entries from all of the above constituents, providing food for thought on a wide variety of topics.

We aggregate news articles across the internet and update in real time, providing the community a one-stop source for relevant information.

Medical Information
We will soon have a comprehensive, searchable database of all pediatric rheumatic conditions, including treatments, side effects, and more. All information will be vetted by medical professionals, but presented in a format that will be easy to comprehend.

Educational Materials
We will provide materials to help families educate their relatives, teachers, neighbors, and community at large about pediatric rheumatic diseases.


Public Service Announcement Campaign

JAA is planning a groundbreaking public service announcement campaign developed by acclaimed director/producer Jason Ensler (The West Wing, Franklin & Bash). This campaign will have video, print, and social media components. Its aim will be threefold:

  • To define juvenile arthritis as a distinct and far more serious disease than most people realize.
  • To broaden the definition of juvenile arthritis in the public’s mind to encompass all pediatric rheumatic diseases.
  • To emphasize the fact that these diseases are often outwardly invisible.


The Pediatric Rheumatology CORE Program at Childrens Hospital Los Angeles

This innovative pilot program, established at Childrens Hospital Los Angeles, aims to address some of the biggest problems in pediatric rheumatology by training new pediatric rheumatologists, bringing pediatric rheumatology services to underserved areas, and improving the quality and quantity of research by conducting studies across multiple medical centers. JAA, in partnership with Lupus LA and the Childrens Hospital Los Angeles Foundation, aims to broaden the scope and scale of this program, and help it to become self-sustaining. If successful, JAA hopes to replicate CORE in other major medical centers across the U.S. The CORE Program is outlined in greater detail on our Programs page.


JAA’s overall goal is to significantly improve the lives of children and young adults battling rheumatic diseases and the families fighting alongside them. Founded by parents who never want their own child to feel like a victim, JAA aims to provide our kids and families with the tools to live their lives to the fullest, even in the face of great adversity. This is at the core of JAA’s DNA, and the ultimate goal of empowerment is behind every event, service and program that the organization undertakes.



In our public events, JAA attempts to weave together all four elements in CARE. They are Community building activities that raise Awareness and Research funds, while Empowering our constituents. JAA has begun conducting events in the Southern California area and hopes to ultimately produce these events across the U.S.

Juvenile Arthritis Association: CARE for kids with rheumatic diseases.