Teri Hatcher competes for JAA
Sunday, December 1st at 10pm/9c

Past Events

Food Network’s Chopped Celebrity Holiday Bash

Sunday, December 1st at 10pm/9c


Juvenile arthritis will receive the biggest nationally televised awareness push it has ever seen when actress Teri Hatcher competes on Food Network’s award-winning cooking competition show Chopped to benefit the Juvenile Arthritis Association.


On this special Celebrity Holiday Bash episode of Chopped, Teri’s cooking skills will be pitted against those of fellow celebrities Anthony Anderson, Antonio Sabato Jr. and Dawn Wells for a prize of $10,000 to be awarded to the cause of their choice.

Juvenile Arthritis Association is honored and forever grateful to Teri for choosing to support our kids once again. Even more than the potential prize money, we are excited for the public awareness that this event will generate. Teri will be discussing juvenile arthritis in the episode, and with viewership in the millions, Food Network’s Chopped has the potential to bring unprecedented national attention to this woefully unrecognized and often misunderstood disease.

Please join us in educating the general public by spreading the word about this important televised event. It promises to be an exciting evening for anyone touched by pediatric rheumatic diseases, and you have the power to make it even more impactful. So, go ahead and post, share, tweet, email, and tell everyone you know to tune in to Food Network’s Chopped at 10 pm/9c on Sunday, December 1st!

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